Our Mission

BAMA is a nonprofit local art association of Butte County, California. BAMA was established in 2021 as a collective of prominent artists who specialize in murals, but also as a local group of art lovers and enthusiasts within the county. BAMA's mission is to aid in the beautification of public spaces by highlighting artwork online and gathering local artists through events and collaborative projects. We maintain that public art- such as murals, sculptures or art walks- are an important means to improve Butte county’s image. By doing so, we develop better community rapport, support local businesses and economy, and increase the general happiness of residents.  Adhering to the 4 “Cs”- creativity through cooperation, communication and compassion - is our goal.



BAMA was founded by Beatrice Richer in March 2021 as a nonprofit, county-wide artist collective.  Originally from Montreal Canada, Beatrice was influenced by the city's great history of hosting international art festivals and street art events. She wished to extend this culture of variety and color to the walls of Butte County upon moving away from home. 

As an artist herself, Beatrice aspires to help prominent artists support one other and to become more involved in collaborative efforts by associating themselves with BAMA as a collective. She  believes that art programs, schools, galleries, museums, and even inexperienced artists are deserving of involvement with public art projects that emerge within the community.

Beatrice Richer graduated from the University of Concordia, Montreal, Canada with a Bachelor's in Art History in 2017. She is currently working as both an artist and executive director for BAMA.