Our Mission

      BAMA is a local art association of Butte County, California. BAMA was established in 2021 as a collective of local artists who specialize in murals, but also as a group of art lovers and enthusiasts within the area.
We are the creators of the 
Butte County Mural Map , an ongoing project of locating & accurately cataloguing all public art throughout Butte County. 

BAMA's mission is to aid in the beautification of public spaces by highlighting artwork online and gathering local artists through sharing events and collaborative projects. We make a point to stay updated on new mural art and always aim to uplift and highlight local artists and art centers.

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Upcoming Exhibitions / Events

Black Voices in Art
When: October 27th-December 4th (5:00-8:00PM)

Where: Museum of Northern California Art
Cost: 5$ General Admission (Prices Vary)

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Open Art Studios Tour
When: October 22-23, 2022 (10:00AM-5:00PM)

Where: Chico Arts Center
Cost: FREE 

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Making Her Mark Exhibition 
When: October 31-December 17, 2022

Where: Janet Turner Print Museum
Cost: FREE
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Biopoiesis by zen du
When: Weekdays & Weekends, (Hours Vary)

Where: 1078 Gallery
Cost: FREE 

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