Our Mission

      BAMA is a local art association of Butte County, California. BAMA was established in 2021 as a collective of prominent artists who specialize in murals, but also as a local group of art lovers and enthusiasts within the county.

      BAMA's mission is to aid in the beautification of public spaces by highlighting artwork online and gathering local artists through events and collaborative projects. We maintain that public art- such as murals, sculptures or art walks- are an important means to improve Butte county’s image.

      BAMA aims to develop better community rapport, support local businesses and economy, and increase the general happiness of residents.  Adhering to the 4 “Cs”- Creativity through Cooperation,  Communication  and Compassion - is our goal.


Our Projects

Mural Map 
BAMA's first major project was to catalogue and photograph all public artwork within Butte County. Mural Map is a continuous and ongoing project. The cataloguing of new murals and other works of public art are provided by members of the community. 
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Artist Spotlight & Support 
BAMA strives to create and improve connections between mural artists and local businesses, charities and organizations within Butte County. We make a point to stay updated on new mural art and highlight artists through the use of social media platforms. BAMA also cooperates with Tehama Creatives, Paradise Art Center, Butte County Art on Wheels, Oroville Arts Commission, and Brushstrokes Gallery

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Live Painting Performance
BAMA is an active part of Oroville's annual Salmon Festival through gathering local mural artists to participate in a live painting performance. The purpose of the live performance is to promote an ever-growing art scene in Oroville while also highlighting the wildlife and ecology of Northern California.

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