Graffiti  Competition  

Hosted by Chico Area Recreation and Parks District

The Graffiti Art Competition was an event hosted by CARD to help rejuvenuate the Humboldt Ave. Skatepark in Chico, CA. The event took place on July 23rd 2021 and hosted 11 local artists of different backgrounds to spray paint a row of panels draped across the back fence near the half pipes.  Some of these artists were known for their experience in the local street art scene such as Jeff Fletcher & YLieOner. Other prominent local artists were also present, such as Jess Mercer and Beatrice Richer from BAMA and accomplished muralist Phillip Moller from Tehama Creatives

Art Competition Winners:

1st Place - Beatrice Richer - "Fish Kickflipper"

2nd Place - Phillip Moller Art - "Skate Cat in Space"

3rd Place - Jeff Fletcher - "Ripple"