Salmon  festival

Hosted by City of Oroville 

BAMA was called upon to organize a live painting performance  and art fair at the Salmon Festival in Oroville, CA. The event took place on September 25th 2021 and hosted 6 live painters, 4 artist vendors, and Butte County Art on Wheels.  The artists were instructed to paint pieces on large canvases stationed around Centennial Plaza, focusing on themes of nature, water conservation and ecology.  Three of the paintings done by live performing artists were later showcased at a Silent Auction at Brushstrokes Gallery to raise money for victims of the Dixie Fire, which ravaged Northern California in August of 2021.

Live Painting :

Christian Garcia - "Rainbow Trout" (Donated to Silent Auction)
Beatrice Richer - "Jump!" (Donated to Silent Auction)
YLieOner - "Water is Life" (Donated to Silent Auction)
Morea Designs - "Landscape with Poppies" 
Jess Mercer - "Bear Fishing" 

Spray N' Prey - "Untitled Bat Piece"